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Short-term stay or respite stay services ensure that Senior Citizens are taken care of in a high-quality care environment for a brief span of time. Whether it is a planned or unforeseen circumstance that requires you to find temporary accommodation or if you are hoping for a much-needed break from the daily demands of caring for a loved one, we can help.

We can offer a range of short-term respite care packages, for when full-time or permanent care is not necessary, such as:-

  • Holidays/scheduled breaks– There are times when regular carers may need to take a break from their role for whatever reason; in these instances, we are pleased to be able to offer carers the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned break, safe in the knowledge that their relative or loved one is in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment.
  • Emergency situations– We understand that sometimes usual care routines may break down; we are always on hand to step in and provide emergency respite care whenever needed.
  • Taster stays –We are more than happy to arrange a trial stay, giving older people and their carers the chance to meet our staff and other residents, before a permanent move to residential care.